Petanque Etiquette

Cricklade Pétanque Club

Pétanque Etiquette

  • All players must stand still and silently whilst a player is preparing to throw
  • If Team A is throwing Team B must not stand on the piste between the circle and the jack.
  • The jack should be marked with a wide V behind or at the sides of the jack by a team member of player who threw the jack. The circle must also be marked.
  • If Team A is throwing no player from Team B may stand beyond the jack in line with player A
  • If Team A has thrown only they and not Team B should go to the head to decide /measure whether it is on. Opponents may measure afterwards.
  • When a player is measuring the opposing team must stand 2 metres away.
  • At the following end the jack is thrown from a circle placed around the point where it finished at the previous end.
  • If the jack could not be thrown to 10.5 metres the player may take the circle back without exceeding 10.5 metres. Permission from opposing team not needed. The opposing team may also move the circle back if the first team’s positioning of the circle did not allow the jack to be thrown the maximum distance. If umpire present a yellow warning card will be given if placed in non-valid position.
  • If the jack having been hit is stopped or deviated by a player the opponent has the choice of leaving in new position or putting back in marked position or placing anywhere on a line going from original position to the place that it is found. All cases depend upon jack having been marked.
  • If Team A member picks up the circle completely before all boules played then it can be replaced for Team B to play their boules but not Team A
  • If a doubles team has a 3 rd player or a triple has a 4 th player they may not go onto the piste while their team is playing
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