Local Club Rules

Cricklade Petanque Club


(To be used when playing Club Days and Club Competitions)

  1. The circle must be a minimum of 1m from the timber perimeter at each end and sides, if the lane next to yours is in use the circle must be 1.5m from their circle or jack. The circle must be marked.

  2. The player’s feet must be entirely on the inside of the circle and not encroach on its perimeter and they must not be lifted off the ground until the thrown boule has touched the ground.

  3. The valid distance for the jack to be thrown is 6m minimum and 10m maximum measured from the internal edge of the circle. The jack must be a minimum of 50cm from the end and side timbers but can go right up to the strings separating the lanes but must not cross the string. The jack must be marked with a V behind or on the side.

  4. If the jack has not been thrown in accordance with the above rules, the opposing team will place the jack in a valid position. They may also move the circle back if the positioning of the circle did not allow for the jack to be thrown to the maximum distance.

  5. Before throwing their boule the player is allowed to fill in one hole made the previous boules.

  6. The strings are live so if a jack or boule goes completely over the string during play then they are still in play. If this happens and a game is being played on that lane, then one of you must let the others complete their end before the others finish their end. Should any boules cross over the second string then that would be out of play and must be removed, should the jack pass over the second string then that will be a dead end.

  7. If one team has used all their boules and the opposing team knock the jack out for a dead end, then any remaining boules they have to play counts as score for them.

  8. Timed Game. It must be noted that if you are playing a timed game then you must play within your designated lane and the strings are dead.

  9. If a player picks up the circle before all boules are thrown, then it will be replaced and only his opponent will be allowed to complete the end and any boules his team has left to throw are lost. This also applies if a player picks up a played boule before all boules have been played, plus the picked boule is then declared dead.

When we are the hosts club for any G.W.R. or P.E. competitions then all play will be to P.E. Rules. (See 2021 edition)

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